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Rock ClimberTo reach your full potential, you need to keep your mind and eyes functioning at their peak. Elite Focus™ is a unique supplement designed to protect, enhance, and maintain these key areas.


Elite Focus™ uses a proprietary blend of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and herbs to enhance mental clarity, reduce fatigue, protect eyesight, and promote recovery in an easy to use capsule form.* Designed and tested under tough real world conditions, Elite Focus™ will help you stay sharp and perform your best no matter what challenges lie ahead. We are confident you will notice a difference the first time you use it, and stand behind every purchase with a 100% money back guarantee.

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Elite Focus™ was originally developed for use by top competitive shooters, who need to maintain superior mental Protect Visiondiscipline and focus to compete at the highest level. More energy, sharper concentration, and less mental fatigue- does that sound like something you could use in your own life?

Brooke Sevigny, US IPSC Handgun Champion, IPSC Handgun Women's World Champion Team

Any athlete can tell you of the thrill of "being in the zone," when everything is going right and actions proceed smoothly without any conscious thought. Getting there takes hard work and training, Athlete Hydratingand it also requires taking care of your body. Keeping your brain and eyes functioning at their peak with Elite Focus™ will help you stay in the zone, no matter what challenges you face.

Travis Tomasie, IPSC Handgun World Champion, 2x USPSA Handgun National Champion

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